Friday, March 2, 2007

state bird

The ptarmagin is our state bird. This one was done by my oldest and dearest friend. She works in stained glass and I work in fabric. Anyway, it was a big surprise to get this in the mail from her last week. It is hanging in one of my large windows now and I love it! He is beautiful! Thank you Ellie!

Ellie and I grew up together in Lewiston, Maine. We did a lot of playing together as children and then we were fast friends by the time we were teens. My parents moved themselves and me too, to Florida in 1960 and I was in implanted into a different atmosphere for sure. We still spent our summers in Maine on the coast (Harpswell) so I still spent time with Ellie. Then before you could blink your eyes, we were both married and raising our children, and living in different parts of the country but we always kept in contact.

So here is to a great friendship that has endured almost 60 years!

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