Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's finally completed

I put the last stitches on my blooming nine patch today--tacked the last edge of binding and tucked in some threads. I started this quilt with Sasha's help years ago but then it sat for a long time before I put it together--then it sat some more waiting for borders. Those got done last spring and then it came here to Anchor Point. I finally got it quilted in January--I am so happy with the way it finished up. Then I decided to put a binding on it that would match dust ruffle for the bed and the curtains and there ya go--and I need to do those now so the room decoration will be complete--hope it does not take me years but it might take months!



STUNNNING@@ I wanna make one of these :o)))


Gail said...

Oh Fran this is a very lovely quilt, beautiful.


Ree said...

Beautiful quilt!! Had to play "catch up" with your posts...I, too, get lax and have no idea where the time goes. I love the pics of the snow, the ice, the moose, your yard!

Susan said...

That came out really beautiful, more than most I've seen. I'm glad you are keeping it for your own bedroom!

Gabriele said...

What a beautiful quilt! Looks like it must have been difficult to keep all of the blocks in the correct place, but it sure was worth all the work you've put into it.