Wednesday, February 28, 2007

sunset on Anchor Point last week

Not sure you all can tell from the reference point of that island across the way but the sun is setting much further west now and of course a lot later! DST is coming up--why we even need it here is beyond me!

Larry took the photos--notice how the water looks. I think there was some ice out beyond the break of water.

Pat S--Hope you enjoy these pix and maybe you can grab one--not sure. If you want them personally and not able to do that, email me.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007


This is the label I did. I use my embroidery machine Used the focal fabric for bordering the label. You can see a little of the backing in toile.

close up of quilting

The top thread was a rayon in pale yellow. In the bobbin I used a light variegated thread. Grace and Quilter's Dream are working great!

another one finished

Here it is.

I started this quilt just fooling around when I still lived in Fairbanks last spring--I was trying out the new machine I had just bought. I love the focal fabric of butterflies and leaves. This winter I added the setting blocks and sashing. Then a friend was about to lose a loved one and I thought "this quilt needs to go to her". I wanted to use more of the focal fabric but I did not have much so I came up with the border using that fabric and it really added something to the quilt and made it pop in my estimation. Then ironically I messed up measuring for another quilt to go on the frame and the backing and batting was too small so rather than taking everything off the frame, this quilt just fit perfectly and I even thought the backing was better suited for this quilt than the other one anyway. So I quilted it in one afternoon. I did about 10-12 inches almost to the end when I realized a bobbin was not stitching properly and I had a mess of loops underneath -- so I had to do some ripping but got her done. Last Tues. a week ago today, I put the binding on but was not able to do the handsewing until Sat.--and I finished that on Sunday. Today I did the label attachment and tucked all the loose threads and it is packed and ready to go. I hope she likes it and she feels the hugs.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

a little something

So the days speed by--thought I would add a little something here before I am off to the senior center to help with crafts and bake sale today.

The best news I have is we have signed our end of the deal on the house in Fairbanks--a young couple will be moving in soon. And we will have some $$ deposited in the bank account. I dropped the paperwork off yesterday at the Homer Airport Terminal--no one at attendance in the Fed Ex office so into the box it went--hope I did that right! Whew almost ready to let out a big sigh.

It is cold here again today. But the sunshine is unbelievable! Spring can't be too far away can it? Promise? Actually I am glad it is still winter as I still have so much to do.

Quilting and sewing--not much done in that way for most of the week--frustrating. I did do some damage to the credit card yesterday for fabric sale though! That's always a big pick me up and I can't wait to get back to the sewing machines! Yes, you read that right--machine with the "s" on the end.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

explain it to me please

About a month ago Larry took this photo of an eagle down on Homer Spit--he appears to have much more patience than I do. And maybe he can explain too where the time goes to--I swear someone has sped up my clock. It has been four days since I posted here. And I am way behind in my email. But hey, I am having fun!

I will try to post some AK photos every post so you all can experience a little of Alaska thruogh my eyes. And I am doing it for a gal who is moving from Las Vegas, NV to my neck of the woods--Hi Leslie--there I am waving--LOL.

The weekend was crazy if you can call it crazy in my world. Let's say the pace was moved up a tad. Larry and I went up to Soldotna/Kenai. We found (well actually we did not find it but it was the first time for us--recommended by others) a grocery store that sells meats and seafood at a price cheaper than Anchorage--we have not been to Anchorage since we moved here to Anchor Point. So since we had a cooler with us, we stocked up. Ok you say it is cold out so why do we need a cooler--ha to keep the ravens out of the back of the truck. They know what grocery bags are! I went to the JoAnn's sale while Larry ran over to Radio Shack. I needed batting for quilting--not sure what he needed but he is a regular customer there. I did not get to the other two quilt stores--would be more fun to go with a quilting buddy anyway. We hit Home Depot for the last little trim we needed on the new kitchen floor--laminate wood floor to carpet! Larry found a compressor he has needed since he left the other one at the house in Fairbanks. The new owner coveted it anyway. While I was gone yesterday he was able to get it out of the back of his truck into place in the garage thanks to the winch (that is with an "i") he mounted in the back of his truck--ha--suppose to be to pull the boat up on the trailer with. I was surprised he managed all that while I was gone not that I could have helped.

Sunday I spent quilting a quilt--I got about half way done and wound another bobbin and it did not wind properly and I should have rewound it but no, I plunged ahead. I was so anxious to get this done that I forgot to make sure it was stitching underneath too. Well, did a couple of swipes and rolled the quilt up more and spotted the back side--oh no all loops--so I had to rip rip rip--but since it was not even stitched it came out just fine and very quickly. I was able to repair all that damage and finished the quilt and took it off the frame.

Ok that is as far as I got with quilting--the quilting is done on that quilt but I did not even get it ready for binding. Yesterday was quilt day in Ninilchik. I showed the quilt but it was not to be finished yesterday--we had a session in paper-piecing--good thing as I had forgotten all I had learned. I always have a grand time there at the senior center in Ninilchik. Lunch is always excellent. I took a friend from Anchor Point--she loves the group of people lunching and the ladies who stay for quilting too (not all are seniors). We had a great time and Mondays are my day up there. This senior center here just can't seem to get a group going fulltime for quilting.

So today is catchup day around the house and maybe a little sewing--who knows. I just know the last four days flew by. Maybe the eagle can't explain it because he is not a wise old owl.

Friday, February 16, 2007

week zipped by

I can't believe it is Friday already. Where did the week go to? I was home most every day too. I have been spending a lot of my time in the sewing room. It is not work to me--I love it!

As for my other crafts, I have done nothing in crochet, knitting or anything else. But I never know when the mood will strike again.

The good news is we are closing on our home in Fairbanks in a few days. Larry and I will be doing happy dance then!

Spring is around the corner or at least we hope so. Larry called on getting the bottom of his boat jell-coated and they are booked through till next fall. Guess he has to do it himself! He is anxioius to get back on the water. We have a cabin in the boat and often spend a night or two on it. I will post a pix of the boat for all who maybe have not seen the Sea Angel.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

up to my eyeballs

I have done it again--getting swamped here with things that have to be done! But contributing somehow to someone who is in need of a hug keeps me going. I have a quilt ready to go on the frame and I hope to get it quilted in about 2-3 days. Sometimes prepping it for the frame takes some time (getting the backing pieced if I have to, cut to the right size, and the batting cut). Then the pinning on the frame takes some time too--the quilting is usually the easy part--as long as thread and machine are cooperating. My sewing machine gets a thorough cleaning before each start too--and oh a new needle!

I can really tell the length of daylight we are getting now. And the sun is much higher in the sky. Many think I am crazy to live where it still snows and is cold for six months out of a year but there are a lot of us who feel the same way. We love the smallness of the area and the people... Can't say enough about that. I love winter almost as much as spring and summer--fall is another favorite time. I plan to have a garden again this year--we have a lot of work to do in that area--I just hope I can pull it off. We have a greenhouse so a lot of it will happen in there probably. There are lots of things already here like berries and flowers--the moose have been eating my rose bush branches though--guess they have been doing it awhile so I can't fret over that. They seem to prefer rose bushes over crab apple trees. The moose are bigger than me so what can I do about it? Besides they are great stash defenders!

So as I said, up to my eyeballs--better get off here and get with the program! Lots of quilting has to be done.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

skipped day

We are already into the second day of the week--I skipped yesterday mainly because Mondays are my quilting days in Ninilchik and when I got home late afternoon yesterday I was wiped out. I had the most enjoyable day there. I love the 20 mile drive. Ninilchik is a quaint little town but the people there are wonderful at least at the senior center. I met a person from Maine yesterday. I am fascinated to know how these people all find their way to Ninilchik.

I got there early to exercise and stretch--learned the Tai Chi walk again. It is hard sometimes to do the stuff right there in the room with other seniors gathering who won't participate--some of them are up there in age--and watch. But I manage to do it anyway. Then the cooking of food smells--lunch is afterwards and the cook they have there is fantastic.

Lunch is always fun as some of the men who belong to the gals' who stay for sewing afterwards are there and the conversations get pretty windy and funny. and the tales that come forth. Many have lived in the area for years.

Then after lunch, the machines come out of their bags and get set up--some just start right in and there are some like myself who gab a lot with everyone--show and tell happens and of course that is the best part. Yesterday I showed one of the quilters how to do the shaded 4-patch block. I love sharing tricks of the trade and learning from others--this is the best part of the whole process.

The trip back to Anchor Point was nice but I left the sunshine behind. I only saw one moose grazing the whole trip but sometimes the rd. has to be watched too.

So today is catch-up day so I better get to it. I have a comfort quilt to get up on the Grace and get quilted--and then there is the laundry that needs tending--always something.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


I thought I would share a snow shower with you all. It was coming down very heavy and gentle for about 30 min. I played in my sewing room all afternoon today and working on a quilt for a friend who is about to have a major loss in the family--I am thinking she will need a big hug.

Sunday Morning

OK where is my sunshine this morning? It is lightly snowing and all they predicted was dense fog--well, no real threat out there and not enough for Larry to have to get the snowblower out the door and into the yard. And remember --I do love the snow. Actually I love winter.

Yesterday we made orange marmelade. Larry insisted on using a recipe without "pectin" and I am not sure it will ever set up. He knocked a jar onto the floor as they set on the counter waiting for seals to pop--he said he cleaned it up--yes with plastic dishpan--which he left for me to clean and there were spots all over the floor that I kept sticking to later. Yikes--guess I will have to mop the floor before I do any sewing today--but I love that new kitchen floor!

Yes, we put in a new floor in the kitchen here--it had old ugly wrinkled kitchen carpet in the kitchen here--it was awful. What a difference the laminate makes the kitchen look. UMMM we need to move onto remodelling the bathroom--way too much "pink" for even me who likes pink.

Talking about remodeling--were we? We did not do any of that to the house in Fairbanks which recently sold. We got a call that that the problems lie in the garage area mainly--one wall that is next to the house in the garage does not have dry wall on it--ok--and under the stairs downstairs--easy fix. And the door to the garage needs to be metal door--ok--small things! Everything else is acceptable--of course they are--we lived there for 28 years! Anyway, I think there is some agreement that they will be fixed after they move in--and we may close on that place this week. Wahoooooooo

In the mornings reading email and drinking coffee, I like to chat with a good friend on instant messaging. The mornings she is not here I feel a little lost. We have been doing this for years. We have a regular routine but since there is four hr time difference, we often miss each other. Ah, life!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

another Saturday

Here is another photo of the special quilt but this time I am in it. This quilt was from buddies in Fairbanks--special occasion?--well, I moved and they miss me I guess. I think that group calls themselves now "sewing with the saints" since they meet in a beautiful Catholic Church.

So today is Saturday and I am not keen on weekends--but the weeks fly by. Today after making Larry orange marmelade, I worked on the shaded 4-patch blocks for the swap. I have to admit I screwed up the first batch--sewing was perfect but cutting was horrible--I failed to read cut side and top at the same time and rotate--i was trying to cut them like you would a normal block to size and to square. They are kind of fun to make and I have one more set to go. Then I will be caught up with swaps for the time being. I am waiting for a comfort quilt to get here so I can put it on the Grace and get it quilted and bound and off to the recipient. So right now nothing is on the Grace.

Happiest are the days when I can spend time in my sewing room.

Gorgeous day here on the peninsula. Have not been outside but the sunshine streaming in the house has been wonderful.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

label for my quilt

wanted you all to see the label that is on the back of the quilt from quilting buddies in Fairbanks. It is a treasure for me.

fabulous quilt

Today was another busy day at home. I got 1/3 of a quilt done on the Grace. It takes time to load her on and clean my machine too. I also made a valance for my dining room window where I had made a roman shade a couple months ago--the valance is in the same fabric. The rod is not hanging right so will not take a photo of that until is is done right.

However, I wanted to post a photo of the quilt that my quliting buddies in Fairbanks made for me. I am so thrilled with it. I just had to cry over it all--first time I have been on receiving end. It is done in batiks in the flowers.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Friday already?

Where did the week go to? And I am still walking on air! I hate weekends which is the opposite from when I worked.