Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Anchor Point Library Quilt for Raffle

We started this quilt for raffle about mid January and it was completed and handed over the end of March. I organized it and also did the quilting on it. Made from scraps from quilters. The label shows who worked on it or contributed in some way but sorry the photo is not very clear. Hope it goes up for raffle soon and they makes some good $$ on it.

Redoubt 4-20-09

This pull off is on the way to Ninilchik heading north and I pulled off to get some photos of Redoubt. She still talks back... Notice in the first shot that a ship or barge is going up the inlet--or maybe down...

I took this photo on my way home from Ninilchik at the Deep Creek Rd. to the beach--just outside Ninilchik on the southside. It was a beautiful day for photos. Some kids had just rode their bikes down this rd to that RV park and were looking out towards Redoubt. You know it is spring when kids are out on their bikes.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Redoubt from across the bay

I stopped the other day on my way to Ninilchik and took this pic of the mountain REDOUBT all quiet. However, yesterday a big plume was billowing up but I did not have my camera with me. It continues to build a lava dome and lahar is streaming down and into Drift River. It keeps talking!

Redoubt strikes again!

This cloud came with thunder and lightening. It turned totally black--I took a pic of that but it did not come out (just black). Now these pics are blurry but they again were taken through my windows. It was very very eerie and dark with this fall out of ash. It was heavier this time and everything was so ugly but we got snow to cover it up and now the snow is almost gone. They say the ash will be good for my garden!

First ash fall out--Redoubt

Here is what the first ash cloud looked like coming our way. The blue was beautiful color in the sky as the impending cloud moved in.

I took these two pics of course from inside as it was raining ash. This was looking over towards our neighbor's house.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


As most of you know, Mount Redoubt has erupted. Last Sat. the 4th we got major ash cloud over the southern tip of the peninsula. UGLY mess. I don't have pics ready for posting because still using Larry's computer as mine is not up and running again yet. Anyway, they say the ash will be good for the gardens this summer so that s the only positive end to it I can relate to. It is helping the snow melt quickly too. So spring is coming. We are all well here and busy as always. Watch for pics soon.