Saturday, January 12, 2008

Piles of new snow

Ok same views but after the storm.

Snowy day in January 2008

A couple of photos to show you how hard it was snowing one day--Wednesday or Thursday to be exact of this past week. Then I will post some "finished" photos of the amount of snow we did get--look for them in the next post.

Bear Paw Completed

I finished the bear paw quilt and it hangs on the quilt rack now. It is done in all flannels. Look at the back--crazy but it was flannel I had in my stash. I did the quilting myself. I think I had other photos of this top here on my blog but it was just that--the top--now it is stuffed and backed and bound!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Our new pet

Lunch under the tree. We figure there are seeds from weeds under the tree and seeds dropped by the other birds that feed at the feeder and fly to the tree to get the sunflower seeds open under protection. He--probably a she--scratched for about an hr. all around the base of the tree.

He has puffed himself out to stay warm I guess.

He definitely was puffed up here in this shot. He looks like a road runner when he runs with his long tail feathers.

Father and Son

This is our son, Greg, at two weeks old and he was such a pretty baby boy.

This is our grandson Caden, Greg's new baby boy, about the same age. There is so much resemblence.

Here is another photo of Caden with his older sister Tatelyn taken at about a month old for Caden and Tatelyn was three in October.