Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I went over to Valdez for a couple of days. I just flew over as it is ten hours to drive it although just a hop over the mountains. Daughter Paula was visiting from Iowa so I got to see her as well as daughter Carla, who now lives in Valdez. Had one gorgeous day so we went out on the boat fishing for an afternoon. Here are a couple of photos from that trip.


Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well, I won something! Thank you Suzy! I will try to figure out 5 to send the award and spread the glory!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


This photo was taken in my favorite spot for perennials in my yard. The iris are in full bloom. One or two lupine in the back drop. I love daisies! The lighter lavender flower is wild geranium. My rhubarb has gone to seed. The roses are just now starting to bloom. Larry's old snow plow truck in the background sorry--because of all the bulldozer work being done in the yard, he moved it over there out of the way (almost into my flower garden).

This photo is of the lupines that border our rds and are in our fields everywhere now in Alaska. Beautiful. This was taken on the rd to the beach and boat launch as my friend Cheri and I walked it. This is part of the scenery we experience every day on our walks (2.5-3 mi).

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Boat launch

This is how boats are launched at the Anchor Point Beach. It is 15 miles to Homer to a "normal" boat launch in the harbor and another 20 miles north to another boat launch like this one in Deep Creek. It is so much fun to watch the boats get launched and retrieved--all sizes as long as they are not too deep in the water. There is a natural sand bar that runs out in the area. We have a slip or slot at the harbor on Homer Spit so we use the launch there for our boat. When the boats are retrieved it can be difficult because of waves and wind drift. Sometimes they jam right in on their trailer. There is a young man who hooks the trailer up and the tractor driver pulls them out. The "hooker" has a "cold" job.

More beach photos

These crows were up near the boat launch and we got quite close to them and they would have been been better behaved to stay put if we had not had some tag alongs. Two young dogs tagged along with us on our walk--we think they belonged to some campers. We knew the crows were not fussing about the fact we were there since the boat launch was right there and lots of people around continuously but the dogs worried them a lot. We were concerned about the dogs following us all the way back to where I was parked but we ditched them at another camping area. I like how the roots and stumps make a nice back drop for the crows.

Beach days and birds

A friend and I have been walking the beach. I remembered the camera yesterday. I will post more in later posts of more pics as this is just a start. the eagles and sea gulls have been feasting on fish carcasses and some look almost too full to fly.

We walked very close to a young eagle. Don't ask me how but I got this one about to take flight. Just in our walk there had be 30 eagles in various stages of growth. They were on the bluff too and flying overhead. It's difficult to walk and get photos too and some too far away for my little digital to get a decent photo.