Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last hurrah

Since we have not been camping this summer, we decided to take a couple of days off and go do that--you would think we worked or something! We had tons of stuff to do around the house but nothing that could not wait. We will be putting the MH in storage as soon as we can now as we doubt there will be any more camping this year. We only just went down to Homer Spit and camped right on the beach as we wanted to walk on the beach and gather coal for the outside fire pit. It was fun watching people walking their dogs, children playing, and someone using a parasail to ride the surf. It was so windy the next day we decided it was too cool for us on the beach and decided to pack up and hit the rd. We stopped at Anchor Point Beach on our way back and ate lunch there and watched the surf. So this the results of of our overnight get-away.

This was the only sailboat I saw that day but we saw lots of fishing boats but too far away to get anything decent.

This wind surfer was fun to watch--he of course had a wet suit on. Larry was watching him from a distance but he did come closer and I got a better shot.

Larry snapped two good photos of the sunset that evening.

This is the Anchor River and I wanted photos of the river running by those big rocks. The river is running a little high since we have had so much rain recently.

The leaves are starting to fall. This was taken at the state campground down on the Anchor River.