Saturday, March 31, 2007

more from on top of the world

These were taken on March 27, 2007 from a friend's home. Overlooking Anchor Point, then the bay, then the mountains across the way. Note: no clouds. I hope you can see the montains well enough--they are at least 25 miles across the bay from Anchor Point.
As you can see there is a lot of snow yet. We are above freezing however every day. The winter king tournament is being held because the the ice in the bay all went out to sea and the ice in the harbor broke up enough for boat launching.
It is hard to wait sometimes for it all to be gone and gonna be a little later than normal this year.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's finally completed

I put the last stitches on my blooming nine patch today--tacked the last edge of binding and tucked in some threads. I started this quilt with Sasha's help years ago but then it sat for a long time before I put it together--then it sat some more waiting for borders. Those got done last spring and then it came here to Anchor Point. I finally got it quilted in January--I am so happy with the way it finished up. Then I decided to put a binding on it that would match dust ruffle for the bed and the curtains and there ya go--and I need to do those now so the room decoration will be complete--hope it does not take me years but it might take months!

On top of the world

Squint your eyes and you can see the mountains across the bay--it was hazy.
I stopped up on the North Fork Rd. about half way around the other day and took these photos--I meant to take them from my friend's home up there on the mountain! I felt like I was on top of the world and I was not even at the top.
That's Anchor Point all spread out down below then Cook Inlet and across the bay to Illiamna and Mount Redoubt.
Winter does not want to let go here. The winter king tournament is postponed until next weekend because of the ice in the harbor in Homer. I have my doubts of them pulling it off next weekend either. Next time I go to the beach I will have my camera with me and will take pix of the ice chunks up at the top of the tide line. They are predicting more snow for tomorrow. So there is no grass showing here yet--there is in Homer however. It has been unseasonably cold.
And don't throw words at me about global warming!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The moose are snacking

The moose have been around again--he was actually standing on top of the snow that has crusted and hardened and he was eating the shrubbery underneath the kitchen window. They have also decided they like the crab apple trees quite well too. Larry must have taken a half dozen photos of them as they walked around the house by several windows but most of the photos had flash back or were too dark. I know they are anxious for some green stuff but it might be a wait for them--we still have lots of snow. It was above freezing today. Hope we have seen the last of the below zero at nights for now.
They postponed the winter king tournament for the weekend until the last weekend this month because the harbor is frozen over--so the boats can't launch or leave their moorings in the harbor. This rarely happens so everyone says. A lot of ice too out in Kachemak Bay and Cook Inlet. It could go out quickly I guess with some favorable weather and strong tides.
I should have worked on the 2006 IRS taxes today but didn't--what's another day to Uncle Sam? I can do it in a couple of hours thanks to TurboTax.
No sewing or quilting today either. The week is half gone and I don't have a lot to show for it!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

received no answer

There has been no answer forthcoming from any of you who might read my blog, as to where all the time goes. Every day since the last post I told myself to post something every time I thought about it but I would procrastinate for no good reason. Then time slips away. And then I think back and realize I have not a lot to show for it. I guess that's ok for these retired folks.

They say our weather pattern is supposed to change--well, I sure hope so. Gorgeous sun-filled bright and sunny days but COLD at night especially. Lots of ice still on Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay. Been too busy to go even go to the beach for any breath-taking photos though.

I did finish one quilt. Well the top was done by someone else. I put the backing on it and some nice batting in between. I did the binding using some purple fabric scraps and the embroidery machine did the label! It is winging its way to a burn out victim as I type this. It is a hug quilt. A very simple quilt but really pretty--but I love purple!
Son, Greg, (only son by the way--he has 3 sisters) and one of his daughters, my granddaughter, Reily, came for just over night this past week. Good to see them--a long way from Fairbanks but they were visiting in Anchorage. And they were here and gone and I never took one snap shot of Reily--she has grown so much and is as cute as a button--dark curly hair and bright blue eyes. Smart as a whip and vocabulary that amazes me! LOL
This is all "she wrote" this time around.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

march snow storm Thursday

This tree is right out my back window--if you get it close up you can see the snowflakes. There are bird feeders up under this tree but I have not been able to get to it to put seed in it for a couple of months. It snowed really hard with no wind.

It snowed so hard! I tried to capture it on camera. This is looking out in the back of our house here in Anchor Point. Total was about 10" of new snow. I saw moose (mother and babe) walking out in that area this morning--baby had to follow in her footsteps.

ice at the beach last Tuesday

Movement like jello--that's how slow it was--like a think jello with waves rolling underneath.
High tide. Waves came in under the ice right up the beach ice that was laying there in slabs.

I have never seen the ocean like this before. I have seen ice especially from an airplane window flying into Anchorage--they fly right over the inlet up there before they touch down-ice is laying there. This was all new to me. We took these photos on Tuesday evening and watched the sunset. As you can tell the sun was shining but that was the end to the clear blue skies and no precipitation for over two weeks. See next posting!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

another weekend

The weekend actually went by pretty quickly. I am not keen on weekends any more. It was a pretty weekend with lots of sunshine but we stayed home. It is still rather nippy outside.

The bad news is my one and only uncle died on Friday. He was an uncle by marriage only. He was about 95 so he had a good long life. My aunt, one and only, sister of my mother, is still living independently--amazing! And she is close to 95 too.

I have been finishing up a lot of quilts -- quilted a hug quilt for my on-line quilting group and working on the binding now. I always stay busy and just move on with priorities taking the front of course. I commit myself sometimes too often but I manage--keeps me going. I have a lot of UFOs however.

That's it for today. Off to sewing with my quilting buddies in Ninilchik tomorrow. Another fun day ahead.

Friday, March 2, 2007

state bird

The ptarmagin is our state bird. This one was done by my oldest and dearest friend. She works in stained glass and I work in fabric. Anyway, it was a big surprise to get this in the mail from her last week. It is hanging in one of my large windows now and I love it! He is beautiful! Thank you Ellie!

Ellie and I grew up together in Lewiston, Maine. We did a lot of playing together as children and then we were fast friends by the time we were teens. My parents moved themselves and me too, to Florida in 1960 and I was in implanted into a different atmosphere for sure. We still spent our summers in Maine on the coast (Harpswell) so I still spent time with Ellie. Then before you could blink your eyes, we were both married and raising our children, and living in different parts of the country but we always kept in contact.

So here is to a great friendship that has endured almost 60 years!