Monday, October 27, 2008

BRRRR Cold and not November yet

It was 5 degrees on the plus side this morning. COLD We have no snow on the ground. We have had some snow fall but it has been warm enough to melt it or rain would follow. We have had two nights of high winds--gusting to about 30 mph.

We are renovating the only bathroom we have in this small house. Took out the pink bathtub--yes we had a pink bathtub! Larry installed a shower stall in its place. He removed a wall last night to move it over about 4" but it will only be half way up and will have open shelves above that. We had taken out the honking big hot water tank in the summer as we have replaced it with a tankless on demand hot water system. Larry is also installing new flooring. I have been painting and replacing things on the walls. My laundry appliances are in this large bathroom too. I put all the laundry stuff now in the closet that housed that old hot water tank. It's all shaping up but it is taking FOREVER! Anyone who knows me knows patience is not one of my strong suits.

Quilting and sewing? Oh yes, working on so many quilts, wall hangings and table runners. Just recently completed two rainbow quilts that Sasha had put together for Reily and Tatelyn. The photos I took of them came out fuzzy so I am not posting them here. I am also doing some Christmas gift sewing. Every day I can spend sewing is a good day. Winter is great--more time for sewing!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Baby quilt/baby due any day

I made this quilt for Larry's sister's granddaughter's new baby Kaydence Mackenzi. It came out pretty special and I love the kitty cats! This one went in the mail today!