Saturday, April 12, 2008

Moose in April

We have had the same moose nibbling their way in our yard. Larry was able to get some better shots as he stepped outside. Usually we take the photos through the window. The cows will be dropping their babies soon. One moose is a baby from last year. The other might be the mother.

A chunk of coal

Coal is found on the beaches here in Alaska. The guy riding the 4-wheeler in the clam digging photos spotted this big chunk and of course they had to have it. It took three men to get it in the back of the Jeep. Not sure they listened to me but I suggested logs and trees to get it in and that is what they did because they could not get the leverage. We collect small pieces and burn it along with wood when we have a fire in the outside pit or a fire on the beach. One of the clam diggers burns it for heat. That will last him a while. So it is recycle too on the beaches. My father used to collect driftwood for a fireplace on the beach in Maine when I grew up.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Clam Digging April 8

We had the best day on the beach clam digging. I forgot to get a photo of the size of the clams--just think Alaskan BIG! They are called razor clams and are much bigger than our butter clams. They have to be cleaned. The guy on the 4-wheeler was a friend who went with our friends. We drove in a beater car 4-wheel drive to the best spot where the sand bars were exposed. It was very wet though. And cold but we dressed for it--we had Tyvek suits under our clothing. I felt like Michelin Man. I had to unzip my coat and take off my gloves. It really was fun. Larry uses a clam gun and does not get on his knees like the guy in the one photo. The others were digging but the clams can go down so fast you have to get on your hands and knees and grab 'em sometimes. The clam gun brings up the mud and hopefully the clam in the mud. I love being out at the beach. It was a pretty day but by 3:00 we had snow coming down. We got a few more inches but it has gone now--but we still have winter snow piles.