Saturday, March 17, 2007

received no answer

There has been no answer forthcoming from any of you who might read my blog, as to where all the time goes. Every day since the last post I told myself to post something every time I thought about it but I would procrastinate for no good reason. Then time slips away. And then I think back and realize I have not a lot to show for it. I guess that's ok for these retired folks.

They say our weather pattern is supposed to change--well, I sure hope so. Gorgeous sun-filled bright and sunny days but COLD at night especially. Lots of ice still on Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay. Been too busy to go even go to the beach for any breath-taking photos though.

I did finish one quilt. Well the top was done by someone else. I put the backing on it and some nice batting in between. I did the binding using some purple fabric scraps and the embroidery machine did the label! It is winging its way to a burn out victim as I type this. It is a hug quilt. A very simple quilt but really pretty--but I love purple!
Son, Greg, (only son by the way--he has 3 sisters) and one of his daughters, my granddaughter, Reily, came for just over night this past week. Good to see them--a long way from Fairbanks but they were visiting in Anchorage. And they were here and gone and I never took one snap shot of Reily--she has grown so much and is as cute as a button--dark curly hair and bright blue eyes. Smart as a whip and vocabulary that amazes me! LOL
This is all "she wrote" this time around.



I LOVE THE DESIGN and the colors---where please :o)) WIPPY


OH_DUH--I made the pic bigger---what do they call that--framed nine patch :o))))? luv ya


I had to look at this again!!! wish I had done this for someone--I really like this quilt!!!! WIPPY

Franie said...

It was done by Kate and Judy in QOR. Might be called framed nine patch for all I know--I was surprised how nice it looks with such a simple pattern. I like what I put on the back too.

Susan said...

The time is sucked into an alternate universe where it is used by people who need more. =)

Great quilt. I'm so out of touch. Who is it going to?

Glad you got a little GD visit. I'll be that was great!

You are retired. You can do what you want - or nothing at all, if you feel like it. Paul reminds me of that all the time.