Saturday, September 22, 2007

beach time like this running out

Time is definitely running out of days like this on the beach here this summer--besides fall arrives on Sunday. I took this beach photo 9/16--it was a beautiful day on the beach and we had a little lunch and fire. Then Larry rescued someone trying to pull a camper up the rd and was having problems--his truck literally pulled the truck (they were from Indiana) and the fold down camper UP THE RD to the highway. I don't know what the grade is where they were stuck but it was not a pretty sight. I waited on the beach. LOL We figure it was our last day to ride with the 4-wheeler. We gathered some coal for the fire pit at the house.

The flower--well that was taken a few weeks ago on the beach. Amazing how they grow like that. Last Sunday the 16th, all the flowers like that looked like dandelions with their seeds ready to blow in the wind.

Speaking of flowers, I still have flowers blooming in my yard--roses, portabelia (sp) a few petunias, daisies, and other wild flowers. The bees are so bad they won't let me pick the raspberries. We had frost last night so I should try to get everything left in the garden--only potatoes, carrots, and a couple of cabbages left to reap outside. The wasps chased me out of the garden more than once yesterday. Still have tomatoes, herbs, and zucchini in the greenhouse.

Rain is predicted for the next day or so.

Friday, September 7, 2007

minus one panel and siding

The garage is finished except for the one panel on the door--notice the black one that does not match. The siding will probably happen next year. Larry is busy putting up shelves and arranging piles. Soon the boat will be stored in there for the winter. The photo of the garage in the distance with the fireweed in bloom, was taken from the North Fork Rd which runs by our house--I was standing under our street sign--Anchor Ct.

Whiskey Gulch Beach photos

Here are some photos we recently took down on the beach at Whiskey Gulch. Notice the erosion on the bluff--that's why we did not buy the one house we had wanted right on the bluff--we did not relish the idea of a good shaker or bad storm with lots of rain and sliding down the bluff like that. I love the one with the fog--it was moving and rolling and was so pretty. We had a hot dog roast too while down there. After we had our lunch we had a bigger fire with coal--you can find clumps of coal scattered all along the beach.