Sunday, March 25, 2007

On top of the world

Squint your eyes and you can see the mountains across the bay--it was hazy.
I stopped up on the North Fork Rd. about half way around the other day and took these photos--I meant to take them from my friend's home up there on the mountain! I felt like I was on top of the world and I was not even at the top.
That's Anchor Point all spread out down below then Cook Inlet and across the bay to Illiamna and Mount Redoubt.
Winter does not want to let go here. The winter king tournament is postponed until next weekend because of the ice in the harbor in Homer. I have my doubts of them pulling it off next weekend either. Next time I go to the beach I will have my camera with me and will take pix of the ice chunks up at the top of the tide line. They are predicting more snow for tomorrow. So there is no grass showing here yet--there is in Homer however. It has been unseasonably cold.
And don't throw words at me about global warming!

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Susan said...

How about - Global warming is a myth? =)

Beautiful pictures!