Saturday, May 26, 2007

quilt show

A couple of fun small ones.

This quilt does not show up as pretty as it was actually. Done for a 50th wedding anniversary. The quilting was done with gold thread--it was very attractive in person.

I just liked this one and want to do something like this some day.

This is hand done embroidery in the middle of each block--each block represents the month of the year. This was done by another friend I sew with Nada Torgeson.

This is the one that won viewer's choice. It is pretty and nicely done.

The Mariner's compass one was a wedding quilt --quilt was made by Cheri Worley for her daughter. I sew with Cheri and also go to Cheri's quilt classes. She taught a mariner's compass class and I learned so much. I had hoped this one would win best of show.
This show took place on Mother's Day in Homer, Alaska. There were 64 total quilts there.

Is it ready yet?

I put the finishing touches on Larry's boat--I made a new flag. A brand new angel now for the Sea Angel. So there are two photos of the boat all done and ready to go in the water--she has a newly painted bottom too. I was able to snap that photo before they carted her off to Homer Harbor to slip her off trailer into the clear blue Pacific! Now let's see if they can catch some fish!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Love these sandhill cranes

I took these shots on May 8, 2007. I bet there is green grass now out there--we have had some rain since then. These were taken way up on the North Fork. Aren't these birds something else? Hope you all enjoy!

Welcome RAIN!

These guys and gals are gonna love the fact that it is finally raining here. Everything should sprout green now. This photo was taken by Georgia, up in the hills in her yard--some stay all summer she said. I watched these guys from her sewing area. Aren't they great? For those who might not know--they are sandhill cranes and have flown thousand of miles to get here.
I have a few more pix of these guys I took so will post them later under a different post as I have yet to download them off my camera--and there are steps involved. What fun this is being able to share springtime in Alaska with anyone who is interested. With the rain, we will have green grass and leaves on trees finally!

Friday, May 4, 2007

spring fever

I guess one can say I have it--spring fever! I got 85% of the cleaning inside done. A method to my madness--no heavy cleaning during the summer. Worked in the yard too--yesterday was particularly fruitful in that dept. I have not done anything with the greenhouse yet but good thing--it was 27 when I got up this morning. Lots more to do and then clean windows too. And oh, there is the filthy car I ride around in! Yikes! Decided to save the $10 and do it myself but the water system here at the house is still not fully functional. Larry did the roof off the wellhouse so he can get room to work on that--the pressure tank sprang a leak.

I have not been to the beach for a walk and I want more beach rocks too--for the yard--so one of these days--there are sure plenty to be had down there. And then I have to go to the nursery for some plants. I do have some seeds sprouting inside too--hope they can go in the green house soon.

I am almost caught up with quilting exchanges--can't wait to clear my sewing room of those projects. I am promising not to take anything more on from outside this house and family! I have to figure out how to do a new bow flag for Larry's boat--the one there is in shreds. Guess I will ask for a piece of nylon at Northern Marine when we go to pick up Larry's last window for the boat--yes, he had them all redone. Sure looks good and you can see through the windows again!

I don't have any interesting photos to put here--will try for some as things start greening up around here.