Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The moose are snacking

The moose have been around again--he was actually standing on top of the snow that has crusted and hardened and he was eating the shrubbery underneath the kitchen window. They have also decided they like the crab apple trees quite well too. Larry must have taken a half dozen photos of them as they walked around the house by several windows but most of the photos had flash back or were too dark. I know they are anxious for some green stuff but it might be a wait for them--we still have lots of snow. It was above freezing today. Hope we have seen the last of the below zero at nights for now.
They postponed the winter king tournament for the weekend until the last weekend this month because the harbor is frozen over--so the boats can't launch or leave their moorings in the harbor. This rarely happens so everyone says. A lot of ice too out in Kachemak Bay and Cook Inlet. It could go out quickly I guess with some favorable weather and strong tides.
I should have worked on the 2006 IRS taxes today but didn't--what's another day to Uncle Sam? I can do it in a couple of hours thanks to TurboTax.
No sewing or quilting today either. The week is half gone and I don't have a lot to show for it!


Larry Gilbert said...

That's cool to have Moose roaming around your yard. COuldn't see them in the pictures though. I like your writing.

Pat said...

Hello Ms Fran, I enjoy reading your Blog maybe someday soon I'll be chiming in with one too! Right now I am just trying to keep plugging away one day at a time! I hope you can get a picture of the Moose so the moose will show up I know what happens when you take thru the window :>) it would be neat to have them so close, love the wildlife!
Take care keep up the good work.

Gabriele said...

Your moose pictures are great. I find it amazing that they don't seem phased at all by the flash from being photographed. lol


i think the *meeses* are big hams! hehehe I love reading your posts and love ALL the pics you wanna post for me to see :o)) luv ya

Susan said...

Will he wind up damaging your trees, though? He's a little big to be kept out by a chicken-wire tree fence!

Veronica said...

Well, I didn't know you had a blog! I'll have to check back more often. I know you'll have grand pictures of Alaska and, of course, quilts.