Friday, February 16, 2007

week zipped by

I can't believe it is Friday already. Where did the week go to? I was home most every day too. I have been spending a lot of my time in the sewing room. It is not work to me--I love it!

As for my other crafts, I have done nothing in crochet, knitting or anything else. But I never know when the mood will strike again.

The good news is we are closing on our home in Fairbanks in a few days. Larry and I will be doing happy dance then!

Spring is around the corner or at least we hope so. Larry called on getting the bottom of his boat jell-coated and they are booked through till next fall. Guess he has to do it himself! He is anxioius to get back on the water. We have a cabin in the boat and often spend a night or two on it. I will post a pix of the boat for all who maybe have not seen the Sea Angel.

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