Wednesday, February 14, 2007

up to my eyeballs

I have done it again--getting swamped here with things that have to be done! But contributing somehow to someone who is in need of a hug keeps me going. I have a quilt ready to go on the frame and I hope to get it quilted in about 2-3 days. Sometimes prepping it for the frame takes some time (getting the backing pieced if I have to, cut to the right size, and the batting cut). Then the pinning on the frame takes some time too--the quilting is usually the easy part--as long as thread and machine are cooperating. My sewing machine gets a thorough cleaning before each start too--and oh a new needle!

I can really tell the length of daylight we are getting now. And the sun is much higher in the sky. Many think I am crazy to live where it still snows and is cold for six months out of a year but there are a lot of us who feel the same way. We love the smallness of the area and the people... Can't say enough about that. I love winter almost as much as spring and summer--fall is another favorite time. I plan to have a garden again this year--we have a lot of work to do in that area--I just hope I can pull it off. We have a greenhouse so a lot of it will happen in there probably. There are lots of things already here like berries and flowers--the moose have been eating my rose bush branches though--guess they have been doing it awhile so I can't fret over that. They seem to prefer rose bushes over crab apple trees. The moose are bigger than me so what can I do about it? Besides they are great stash defenders!

So as I said, up to my eyeballs--better get off here and get with the program! Lots of quilting has to be done.


Gail in Dallas said...

AHA...we can bribe the guard meese with roses! You're really serious about that quililting - you're a busy lady.


somehow, I wish I lived up there--I like weather that is worth talking about! I am so deprived! LOL
Let me know when you have your machine free--I can get you busy again! hehehehe have fun *~*CAROLE*~*

Susan said...

I'm glad you are enjoying that weather. =) What I could see of the quilt on the machine looks great!