Tuesday, February 27, 2007

another one finished

Here it is.

I started this quilt just fooling around when I still lived in Fairbanks last spring--I was trying out the new machine I had just bought. I love the focal fabric of butterflies and leaves. This winter I added the setting blocks and sashing. Then a friend was about to lose a loved one and I thought "this quilt needs to go to her". I wanted to use more of the focal fabric but I did not have much so I came up with the border using that fabric and it really added something to the quilt and made it pop in my estimation. Then ironically I messed up measuring for another quilt to go on the frame and the backing and batting was too small so rather than taking everything off the frame, this quilt just fit perfectly and I even thought the backing was better suited for this quilt than the other one anyway. So I quilted it in one afternoon. I did about 10-12 inches almost to the end when I realized a bobbin was not stitching properly and I had a mess of loops underneath -- so I had to do some ripping but got her done. Last Tues. a week ago today, I put the binding on but was not able to do the handsewing until Sat.--and I finished that on Sunday. Today I did the label attachment and tucked all the loose threads and it is packed and ready to go. I hope she likes it and she feels the hugs.

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Susan said...

I agree about that border adding something special. I love it! This is a beautiful quilt, and she will certainly cherish it.