Tuesday, February 13, 2007

skipped day

We are already into the second day of the week--I skipped yesterday mainly because Mondays are my quilting days in Ninilchik and when I got home late afternoon yesterday I was wiped out. I had the most enjoyable day there. I love the 20 mile drive. Ninilchik is a quaint little town but the people there are wonderful at least at the senior center. I met a person from Maine yesterday. I am fascinated to know how these people all find their way to Ninilchik.

I got there early to exercise and stretch--learned the Tai Chi walk again. It is hard sometimes to do the stuff right there in the room with other seniors gathering who won't participate--some of them are up there in age--and watch. But I manage to do it anyway. Then the cooking of food smells--lunch is afterwards and the cook they have there is fantastic.

Lunch is always fun as some of the men who belong to the gals' who stay for sewing afterwards are there and the conversations get pretty windy and funny. and the tales that come forth. Many have lived in the area for years.

Then after lunch, the machines come out of their bags and get set up--some just start right in and there are some like myself who gab a lot with everyone--show and tell happens and of course that is the best part. Yesterday I showed one of the quilters how to do the shaded 4-patch block. I love sharing tricks of the trade and learning from others--this is the best part of the whole process.

The trip back to Anchor Point was nice but I left the sunshine behind. I only saw one moose grazing the whole trip but sometimes the rd. has to be watched too.

So today is catch-up day so I better get to it. I have a comfort quilt to get up on the Grace and get quilted--and then there is the laundry that needs tending--always something.

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