Tuesday, February 20, 2007

explain it to me please

About a month ago Larry took this photo of an eagle down on Homer Spit--he appears to have much more patience than I do. And maybe he can explain too where the time goes to--I swear someone has sped up my clock. It has been four days since I posted here. And I am way behind in my email. But hey, I am having fun!

I will try to post some AK photos every post so you all can experience a little of Alaska thruogh my eyes. And I am doing it for a gal who is moving from Las Vegas, NV to my neck of the woods--Hi Leslie--there I am waving--LOL.

The weekend was crazy if you can call it crazy in my world. Let's say the pace was moved up a tad. Larry and I went up to Soldotna/Kenai. We found (well actually we did not find it but it was the first time for us--recommended by others) a grocery store that sells meats and seafood at a price cheaper than Anchorage--we have not been to Anchorage since we moved here to Anchor Point. So since we had a cooler with us, we stocked up. Ok you say it is cold out so why do we need a cooler--ha to keep the ravens out of the back of the truck. They know what grocery bags are! I went to the JoAnn's sale while Larry ran over to Radio Shack. I needed batting for quilting--not sure what he needed but he is a regular customer there. I did not get to the other two quilt stores--would be more fun to go with a quilting buddy anyway. We hit Home Depot for the last little trim we needed on the new kitchen floor--laminate wood floor to carpet! Larry found a compressor he has needed since he left the other one at the house in Fairbanks. The new owner coveted it anyway. While I was gone yesterday he was able to get it out of the back of his truck into place in the garage thanks to the winch (that is with an "i") he mounted in the back of his truck--ha--suppose to be to pull the boat up on the trailer with. I was surprised he managed all that while I was gone not that I could have helped.

Sunday I spent quilting a quilt--I got about half way done and wound another bobbin and it did not wind properly and I should have rewound it but no, I plunged ahead. I was so anxious to get this done that I forgot to make sure it was stitching underneath too. Well, did a couple of swipes and rolled the quilt up more and spotted the back side--oh no all loops--so I had to rip rip rip--but since it was not even stitched it came out just fine and very quickly. I was able to repair all that damage and finished the quilt and took it off the frame.

Ok that is as far as I got with quilting--the quilting is done on that quilt but I did not even get it ready for binding. Yesterday was quilt day in Ninilchik. I showed the quilt but it was not to be finished yesterday--we had a session in paper-piecing--good thing as I had forgotten all I had learned. I always have a grand time there at the senior center in Ninilchik. Lunch is always excellent. I took a friend from Anchor Point--she loves the group of people lunching and the ladies who stay for quilting too (not all are seniors). We had a great time and Mondays are my day up there. This senior center here just can't seem to get a group going fulltime for quilting.

So today is catchup day around the house and maybe a little sewing--who knows. I just know the last four days flew by. Maybe the eagle can't explain it because he is not a wise old owl.



I am not near old enough to collect SSI, but I sure hope it is there when my time comes! as for quilting--now, just aint it a bunch of fun, no matter where you have to go to do it? hehehehe. Larry's boat looks like it had run aground :o))). I would say to stay warm, but I kinda like a little chill myself! *~*CAROLE*~*

Susan said...

Sounds like a productive day shopping, at least!