Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Morning

OK where is my sunshine this morning? It is lightly snowing and all they predicted was dense fog--well, no real threat out there and not enough for Larry to have to get the snowblower out the door and into the yard. And remember --I do love the snow. Actually I love winter.

Yesterday we made orange marmelade. Larry insisted on using a recipe without "pectin" and I am not sure it will ever set up. He knocked a jar onto the floor as they set on the counter waiting for seals to pop--he said he cleaned it up--yes with plastic dishpan--which he left for me to clean and there were spots all over the floor that I kept sticking to later. Yikes--guess I will have to mop the floor before I do any sewing today--but I love that new kitchen floor!

Yes, we put in a new floor in the kitchen here--it had old ugly wrinkled kitchen carpet in the kitchen here--it was awful. What a difference the laminate makes the kitchen look. UMMM we need to move onto remodelling the bathroom--way too much "pink" for even me who likes pink.

Talking about remodeling--were we? We did not do any of that to the house in Fairbanks which recently sold. We got a call that that the problems lie in the garage area mainly--one wall that is next to the house in the garage does not have dry wall on it--ok--and under the stairs downstairs--easy fix. And the door to the garage needs to be metal door--ok--small things! Everything else is acceptable--of course they are--we lived there for 28 years! Anyway, I think there is some agreement that they will be fixed after they move in--and we may close on that place this week. Wahoooooooo

In the mornings reading email and drinking coffee, I like to chat with a good friend on instant messaging. The mornings she is not here I feel a little lost. We have been doing this for years. We have a regular routine but since there is four hr time difference, we often miss each other. Ah, life!



I love reading your ramblings!!!!
LOL..and you have responded to several of my posts. you can send me some moisture. you know--I was playing in my own blog--so much to learn!!! *~* Carole*~*

Susan said...

We don't have any sunshine, but thank goodness it isn't snowing! It's actually somewhere around 70 for a high today. You may keep my share of winter - I may have given it to you before. =)

Glad there are no major things blocking the closing of your house!

I seriously doubt you are going to get marmalade, but you should enjoy the orange syrup on your pancakes. =)

Fuzzysfriend said...

Hi Fran! Love reading your blog! How did the marmalade turn out?

We've been having rain and snow past couple of days. Am waiting for Spring!