Saturday, February 10, 2007

another Saturday

Here is another photo of the special quilt but this time I am in it. This quilt was from buddies in Fairbanks--special occasion?--well, I moved and they miss me I guess. I think that group calls themselves now "sewing with the saints" since they meet in a beautiful Catholic Church.

So today is Saturday and I am not keen on weekends--but the weeks fly by. Today after making Larry orange marmelade, I worked on the shaded 4-patch blocks for the swap. I have to admit I screwed up the first batch--sewing was perfect but cutting was horrible--I failed to read cut side and top at the same time and rotate--i was trying to cut them like you would a normal block to size and to square. They are kind of fun to make and I have one more set to go. Then I will be caught up with swaps for the time being. I am waiting for a comfort quilt to get here so I can put it on the Grace and get it quilted and bound and off to the recipient. So right now nothing is on the Grace.

Happiest are the days when I can spend time in my sewing room.

Gorgeous day here on the peninsula. Have not been outside but the sunshine streaming in the house has been wonderful.



OH--ya need something on yer Grace?? i can send you something!!!! I love sunshine streaming in through the windows--gives it a peacefulness that is unexplained! Thanks for sharing! *~* CAROLE *~*

Gail said...

Fran, the quilt is beautiful and I am glad you are in the picture with it.

Gail - Where it has been foggy for 4 days now.

Susan said...

That quilt looks even better with you in it! =)

I hope you went out in the sunshine. Today, we have mostly cloudy, but warm. That's the important part to me! =)