Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Today is dedicated to company who have come and gone--whew 8 days of buzzing bees. That's what Larry said anyway. One time 12 for dinner. But after the long weekend, they started leaving for home, a few every other day, and we spent last few days with Greg, his school/neighborhood buddy Jim, and Jim's 12 yr old son Brooke. We have lots of fish in our freezers now as the main thrust was for fishing. We also had a friend from a crochet list--Cool Crochet--visit and the hubby got to go out fishing one day. That's all they did here and missed a whole bunch of other things to see and do but the highway called them. So it was hectic week last week to say the least--now it is like dead silence! This photo is of me and my friend, Ree, from Maine who came to Alaska.


Susan said...

You look great, but like you are tired of having company! LOL!

Larry Gilbert said...

Ahhhh, the sound of silence. Ain't it great?