Saturday, May 26, 2007

quilt show

A couple of fun small ones.

This quilt does not show up as pretty as it was actually. Done for a 50th wedding anniversary. The quilting was done with gold thread--it was very attractive in person.

I just liked this one and want to do something like this some day.

This is hand done embroidery in the middle of each block--each block represents the month of the year. This was done by another friend I sew with Nada Torgeson.

This is the one that won viewer's choice. It is pretty and nicely done.

The Mariner's compass one was a wedding quilt --quilt was made by Cheri Worley for her daughter. I sew with Cheri and also go to Cheri's quilt classes. She taught a mariner's compass class and I learned so much. I had hoped this one would win best of show.
This show took place on Mother's Day in Homer, Alaska. There were 64 total quilts there.


Susan said...

Thanks for the little quilt show. I can see why the Iris quilt won. It's beautiful. How nice to have such a talented group with whom to meet!

Gail said...

Beautiful quilts, I really like the 50th anniversary quilt, it is very elegant looking. I like the Iris, too, very pretty. Thanks for sharing Fran.

Gabriele said...

Fran, thanks for sharing the pictures. What a nice variety of quilts to look at. They're all beautiful. :o)