Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer Solstice

We are almost at the Summer Solstice. We had a beautiful few days through Saturday last and then Sunday I thought fall was here already--cold and the wind right out of the north. But they are predicting warmer temps and pretty days again starting today for a few days. We have had no precipitation however. I have to water my garden by hand every day. The water right out of the well is too cold and shocks the young plants so I have to water by hand. Same for my greenhouse where we have buds on the tomato plants and things are thriving. I can't keep up with the weeds in the yard though--the dandelions are taking over as well as horse's tail! I have picked rhubarb already but there is promise of tons of strawberries!

We have a family of swallows in one of the birdhouses on top of the pole that holds up the fence surrounding the garden--I don't have a photo yet though. We also had some sort of sparrow banging himself into the kitchen window--he is a slow learner--notice I said "he"! Don't know if he is suicidal or wanting to mate with himself! We have the most beautiful robins too. There are many species we watch sometimes as we sit right there in the yard. I will try to get some photos.

Larry bought an older ATV and has fixed it up--he took me on a ride down the street about 1/4 mile--there is a trail on the side of the rd for snowmachines and ATVs. We plan to take it to the beach soon--that should be more fun than the side of the rd--we had a dog come running out of his yard at us but I spoke to him or her, and he was ok with us invading his territory. When we go riding again I will take my camera.

We spent Sat. night on the boat at the harbor--it was too rough (6 ft. seas predicted) to go out on the water on Sunday--at least for me! The entertainment at the launch was awesome. So many boats in and out of the water. A big fishing boat came roaring out from the side dock and almost hit a small boat coming into the harbor--the small boat took evasive action and almost sent someone standing in the rear into the drink! Some ladies came down on the dock one up from us and fished in an open area where there were no boats parked--I saw them catch a herring and a small halibut right there! Larry tried it the next day but all he did was lose his bait. That was our entertainment and excitement for the weekend. The wind came up in the night and gently rocked the boat for nice sleeping.

Very little sewing happening here for me since the garden has taken precedence. I did do sundresses for Reily and Tatelyn. Gabby's is in the process. Lots of unfinished projects waiting. There is the big quilt show called Quilting on the Kenai happening this weekend and I have plans to go with the quilters from Ninilchik on Friday. We will do lunch out too! I was too busy with the garden to enter anything for display. Everything happens at once and I have found multi-tasking is not my forte' any longer! Wonder if age has anything to do with it?

And one last note--#10 grandchild due in November. And it's a boy!



I am glad i wasnt on the boat--LOL---
and I would love to have some fresh strawberry jam ;O) and go to the quilt show with you--I hope I get to see some pics at least
love ya *~*CAROLE*~*

Gail said...

Loved reading about your weekend, how lucky you are to have a yard that is producing so quickly. The rabbits have been busy here and eating my plants for me. :(

Susan said...

What a nice weekend, even if you couldn't go out on Sunday. Summer will be back!

Larry Gilbert said...

Hey sis,

The garden, the birds, the ATV and the excitement at the launch. Sounds like paradise!

Any bluebirds up there?


Candi Harris said...

Franie, it sounds so beautiful up there:) I have a neice who is a park ranger there and they say they'd never live anywhere else. BTW your quilts are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I hope to be able to quilt like that one day. Yes, I did have fun with the dying and want to try some more:) The one thing I learned is do more at one time, NOT just one piece of each! too messy! lol