Thursday, May 10, 2007

Welcome RAIN!

These guys and gals are gonna love the fact that it is finally raining here. Everything should sprout green now. This photo was taken by Georgia, up in the hills in her yard--some stay all summer she said. I watched these guys from her sewing area. Aren't they great? For those who might not know--they are sandhill cranes and have flown thousand of miles to get here.
I have a few more pix of these guys I took so will post them later under a different post as I have yet to download them off my camera--and there are steps involved. What fun this is being able to share springtime in Alaska with anyone who is interested. With the rain, we will have green grass and leaves on trees finally!


Gabriele said...

I'd probably not get much work done if I'd have this view from my sewing area. lol I'd be too busy watching these beautiful birds all day long. :o)Thanks for sharing your picture.


I would be totally mesmerized by this sight!! i STILL LOVE the eagles more--but nature and weather are friends of mine!! this monring, I saw, roadrunner, rabbit and two cows! hehehehehe--made my day!! keep the beautiful pics coming *~*CAROLE*~*

Susan said...

Aren't they wonderful? I love the sound of them. Last year, there were a bunch wintering in Crystal City, but we were too late for them this year.