Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well, here we are in 2009! Who would have thought? I am so grateful to be still here on this planet.

I took these moose photos on Monday or Tuesday. Look how low the sun is. And it was blasted cold out there too--we have been having some below zero temps. They don't usually last long however and it is nothing like Fairbanks. Two shots were from a dining room window--same window Christmas card photo was shot from--and the other from the living room window.

I am doing a mystery quilt today on line and watching the Nebraska football game as a result of urging from Lynnette who is a big fan--ya, they live in Omaha, NE and would be!


Candi said...

What beautiful pictures, thanks so much for sharing.

Margo said...

It looks cold...but beautfiul....Blessings in the New Year of 2009....amazing how fast life is....and you are right too much going on....Maine

Yvonne said...

Beautiful pics. I love nature...nothing more beautiful than that. Have a Blessed New Year.

judy said...

Fran & Larry, A Happy New Year to both of you. I called and left a message, but figured out how to post. Your quilting is beautiful, Fran, and how prolific you are! Hope to hear from you soon - I sure do miss our little "quilting in the cabin group".
We are having -40 and colder now and your place seems like the banana belt. Enjoy yourself, and thanks for the great site pictures. Judy

Susan said...

Great winter shots, Fran!

Wilma NC said...

Great photos Fran!!!I would love to visit Alaska someday.

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