Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March and spring is coming

No posts because nothing exciting happening and no photos to post. Even Henrietta left home. We don't know if she hit someone's stew pot (not ours) or she is fickle. She was seen about 2 miles away at my friend's house then a couple of days later a male pheasant was seen too in the same yard. Does that tell us anything?

We have had some lovely melting down days. Lots more to go but spring is coming. We have had some ice dams coming off the roof in the kitchen/dining area--one that brought Larry out of his chair as he sat by the window. We have long days now too.

I have a couple of things close to completion in quilting and will be posting photos soon since this blog has the word "quilting" in the name I guess I should. I did quilt a quilt for a friend in exchange for her knitting a sock for me. Yes, a sock. I have been trying to do the second sock to the pair for a long time and found I just was not interested. But the lady I quilted for does beautiful knitting. She likes how I quilted her daughter's quilt she so asked what color I wanted for a second pair because she has another quilt she needs quilting. I guess I should be flattered but this always puts a crimp in my time on my own things.

Soon I will be outside more in the garden and on the beach. Every day I walk the treadmill for 25 minutes and do my mile. An iPod has really helped in that regard. And the pounds are coming off slowly, thanks to Weight Watchers.

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