Saturday, April 7, 2007


I have not taken any recent photos and scenery but we are in meltdown now. I will take some when it does not look so ugly out! It is hard to not have spring fever. They had the winter king tournament last weekend but it was slow they said. A local man caught the winning derby ticket and made about $17,000. You can read about it in the Homer News if you are interested. The photo was of the fish with its head cut off already and he was on the smaller side too this year.

I am managing to stay as busy as ever. Catching up on a lot of stuff. I went quilting/sewing too last week so that always puts me behind at home. I am caught up once again with filing paperwork and all exchanges I am in--I will make a check out to IRS this week for a quarterly estimate and be happy and free for a few more months! We are a slave to them even when we are no longer earning a living. And I look forward to my first Social Security check next month.

We have to take the MH to Soldotna (55 miles away) for some recall on the engine (FORD) and to get the heater fixed--it is still behind a snow pile but we will be able to get it out soon. Larry also has to take the windows (canvas top part) out of the boat and have them redone. He needs to jell-coat the bottom of his boat too. Then summer can start officially. I will be able to get in the greenhouse soon too. Ah, can you tell we are anxious. We have cooked out on the new gas grill a few times already too as the little deck we have at this house is about clear of snow. We have lots to do this summer around the homestead--some additions are planned too. The cabin up on the hill still has its roof on so we will be anxious to get in up there (waiting for snow melt) and spend a night or two and turn on the heat and water so when Greg comes down, he can be comfy.

So that's it for now--guess I am thankful the house is sold, IRS is taken care of, spring is coming, we are warm and well-fed, and in reasonable good health. Life is good!

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