Saturday, July 12, 2008

Boat launch

This is how boats are launched at the Anchor Point Beach. It is 15 miles to Homer to a "normal" boat launch in the harbor and another 20 miles north to another boat launch like this one in Deep Creek. It is so much fun to watch the boats get launched and retrieved--all sizes as long as they are not too deep in the water. There is a natural sand bar that runs out in the area. We have a slip or slot at the harbor on Homer Spit so we use the launch there for our boat. When the boats are retrieved it can be difficult because of waves and wind drift. Sometimes they jam right in on their trailer. There is a young man who hooks the trailer up and the tractor driver pulls them out. The "hooker" has a "cold" job.


Suzy said...

How interesting, Fran. I never gave it a thought. thanks for enlightening me.

Candi said...

Some beautiful pictures and some great information. Things we don't even think about:) Thank you for sharing.

Gail said...

This is funny, consider we would not think of using a tractor to launch or dock a boat. LOL.

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