Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grandchildren in Fairbanks

I went to Fairbanks for a week and spent time with the grandchildren who still live there. I don't have a recent photo of Earl, a grandson, as I forgot to get photos when I saw him. I flew a puddle jumper to Anchorage and then to Fairbanks--loved it because I did not have to do all the homeland security stuff. I had not been back to Fairbanks since we moved here in 2006 and I had yet to see our new grandson Caden. I had a great week with all three of our son's children and Sasha.

This is Caden:

Here are the three monkeys--I mean grandchildren--I visited with for a week:

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Reily is his sister on the left and she is 5 1/2. Tatelyn is his sister on the right and she is 3 1/2.



I remember when the grandkids started coming along ;o) I can hardly believe how much time has passed.
I am sorry you lost your *uncle*. cherish memories of him! ((HUGS)) *~*CAROLE*~*

Gina said...

I love the photos

love and hugs xxx

MakesMeSmile said...

the grandchildren are just beautiful! I love their dark hair. Can't believe Tatelynn is that old already, I recall when she was born!

Grove City OH

Candi said...

Gosh it's hard to remember my grandkids that young) They're terrible teens now. You have three beautiful grandchildren.