Saturday, January 12, 2008

Piles of new snow

Ok same views but after the storm.



well now aint that purdy???? I remember we had 41 inches that last March we spent in Lakeside! Gee--i sure do miss it--Dh had to keep wiping the snow off the direct tv dish--while it was coming down. for that reason he is glad to not be there any more. I still long to be up there--I love "listening" to the snow falling--gently or gusting--still gorgesous afterwards...THANKS FOR SHARING-means a lot to me--also love the bear's paw quilt--I know you arent offering it to me--I wouldnt need it anyway not now :-( *~*CAROLE*~*

Gina said...

Wow. We don't get anything like that over here. Mind you with the chaos a few inches causes I'm glad

love and hugs xxxx

Candi said...

The snow is just beautiful!! Since we've moved back to the Valley I sure do miss it:)

MakesMeSmile said...

Pretty snow - if you look at it from Ohio LOL Just kidding Fran, I know you love it! Truly I don't mind the snow, as long as the sun comes out after


Anonymous said...

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