Friday, September 7, 2007

minus one panel and siding

The garage is finished except for the one panel on the door--notice the black one that does not match. The siding will probably happen next year. Larry is busy putting up shelves and arranging piles. Soon the boat will be stored in there for the winter. The photo of the garage in the distance with the fireweed in bloom, was taken from the North Fork Rd which runs by our house--I was standing under our street sign--Anchor Ct.


Susan said...

The snow and rain won't harm the wood that's on there now?

YukonKingSalmon said...

Nice shop...Is the quilt studio in the top floor?


look like plenty of room for your quilting room--and guest quarters? :o) everything is coming along nicely! bet you will be glad when it is complete *~*CAROLE*~*

Candi said...

That went up fast! Looks good.