Tuesday, August 14, 2007

big fish!

Josie and Earl, sister and brother, granddaughter and grandson, went fishing in Valdez recently. Josie's halibut weighed 180 lbs--Earl's was just under 150 lbs.


Susan said...

Wow! That's a fish! Are they eating Halibut for the winter? Way too much fish for me! (But so is a minnow!)

Candi said...

Wow! Is my DH ever green with envy! lol I've never seen one that big yet alone two!

Gail said...

Holy Cow those are big fish, wait until I show this to Kirk. What a prize catch.

Rose Marie said...

When we were in Valdez many years ago, we walked up and down the harbour looking and talking to folks who caught their big fish. Your fish tops those easily!


soooooWhen is dinner?? i love fish-I can never have too much fish! *~*CAROLE*~*

QltnRobin said...

WOWIEEEE! Can I come up and visit and catch some fish like that to bring home??? I LOVE halibut! MAN if I could catch one like that Id be in Heaaaavvvvveeeeen!