Wednesday, January 31, 2007

walking on air

The best news is we have sold our home in Fairbanks. Whew!! It took 6 months to do so and we dropped the price way down but that's ok--a young family is buying it and we hope they will be happy there. DH and I raised our children there and we built that house out of pocket. It has a beautiful view and way up on a hill outside of Fairbanks.

Since we have gotten the news and everything is a go, I have had a hard time concentrating. But I got some pillowcases made today. I started putting up a quilt on the Grace Frame too, to be quilted. I think I will keep this one too and maybe even enter it in the fair this summer. It has different batik birds in the middle of the squares. I just made it up as I went along. I will post some pix for you all to see my Grace set up. I have one of me working on it but it shows my double chin too much so not sure I will ever post that photo--LOL.

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